Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wishing You a Low-Stress Valentine's Day

   Really, we should be taking time out to be with our partner all throughout the year, not just on some arbitrary day in February. But Valentine's day is so entrenched in our culture that it's hard to escape, so here's my list of a few fun, easy activities to get into this Valentine's day. (And if you don't think Thursday is the best day for romance, just wait 'til the weekend. I'm pretty sure the Valentine's police won't come for you.)

   Warm Bodies is out in theaters and it's a fun and kooky alternative to all the seriousness we so often partake in on Vday. This horror/comedy/ romance offers something for everyone, including both you and your partner. Click here to watch the trailer!
(Rob and I saw it this weekend and we both loved it!)

   Make a special treat for a night in. This fluffy raspberry mousse has the added bonus of being pretty darn healthy. If you're loving the chocolate hearts, but not the idea of all the extra work of making them, just grab a bag of Dove hearts and plop one on top. (Seriously, don't make Valentine's day stressful for yourself. There's no love in that.) Get the recipe here!

   What simpler way to show the love than by writing a short note for your significant other? Leave it somewhere your partner will find it throughout their day, or, if public professions are more your style, post a Facebook status about what they mean to you for all your friends and family to see.

   Ah, the blanket fort! Construct a simple fort of sheets over your bed, if you can, or over piles of blankets on the floor using chairs. You can order in and enjoy your time together in your fun, romantic fort, remembering that good to be silly sometimes.

   Not everyone's in a relationship, and Valentine's day can feel pretty rough if you have to be in the midst of people professing their love for one another all day long. Remember that love isn't the exclusive domain of couples, and use Valentine's day as a time to share your love with family, or to show yourself some love. You could bake a special treat and take it to loved ones, or plan a special night for yourself. Movie, hot bath, massage, chocolate? It's up to you! (But I'd definitely recommend including the chocolate.)

   All it takes is a little imagination(and possibly some Googling) to find easy, fun ideas to celebrate your relationship and make time together special. Choose something simple that both of you can enjoy, and focus on what you have together that is so special.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's day!

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