Thursday, July 11, 2013

Magickal Learning at the Magical Circle School

I decided to let you in on what seems to be a bit of a secret in the pagan community. I've happened upon forum after forum of people discussing online schools of magick. They're usually talking about the College of the Sacred Mists or Witch School. There's also Oberon Zell's Grey School of Wizardry. But there seems to be a silence, and so I'm guessing a lack of knowledge, of the 100% free Magical Circle School. It's a school that focuses on magickal learning within the Wiccan tradition. While some classes do require books or materials, there is no cost to enroll in the school, which offers a vast array of classes on many magickal(and mundane) topics. If you find a class with seemingly expensive items on the Items Needed list(essential oils, for example), you are free to make substitutions with affordable items you have on hand and the teachers are easily accessible for advice. "Class packs" are available for purchase for some classes but are completely optional. Colleen Criswell, who runs the school and heads up the staff, has office hours from 10-2 EST every weekday, making communication easy and fast. The personal feedback from teachers, along with the great diversity of classes, are my favorite things about this school. I enrolled in the program for a short time once before and have recently re-enrolled. Once enrolled, you are free to choose the classes that most interest you, or take part in the Degree program, which consists of three degree levels. So if you've been thinking about checking into online schools, you might want to check it out here!

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  1. Just a heads up. This is very difficult. The headmistress is totally inflexible and discouraging -like, if you can't do this maybe this isn't the path for you or maybe you aren't serious enough or committed enough. I'm referring to the Hall Pass portion that you have to complete just to be able to take any classes. One assignment in particular (basically vocabulary) has requirements are beyond ridiculous! If you get any of the words wrong(only her answers are right), you have to write a 700 word essay on each word!I got 9 wrong. That assignment was the end for me. It really put me off being Wiccan and made me doubt myself and feel inadequate. It kinda destroyed my child-like wonder and heartfelt knowledge that I had finally found my calling.Now, don't get me wrong, I still hope to someday finish the hall pass and get to the good stuff. It's on my bucket list.


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