Friday, November 2, 2012

Book Synopsis

  I promised my NaNoWriMo synopsis, so here it is!

Aubrey has gone to Brazil on a biology research internship to study the endangered Boto dolphin, which lives only in the Amazon river.  Living in a small village of stilted houses on the Amazon, she is exposed to the raucous and passionate world of Brazil's less-privileged.  As she begins to talk to and learn the ways of the locals, she learns that some are open, like the merchant's wife, but some are as closed as a musty, unused cellar, like the man who looks barely older than herself and lives on the edge of town with no human contact.  When she meets an alluring man near the Amazon one night, she has no way of knowing that her world will be forever changed.  Is he what he seems, or is there something to the superstitious murmurings of the locals? Does she know as much about the dolphins of the Amazon as she thinks?  This chance encounter throws Aubrey headfirst into the eerie underbelly of a small Brazilian village, with its strange inhabitants and common acceptance of things she has never dared to imagine.  Can she survive the terror that overtakes her, and if so, will she know the girl who emerges on the other side?

So that's that.  I got 2200 words yesterday morning, and I haven't written yet today but am going to a local NaNo write-in with my husband tonight.  That's all for now!

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