Friday, February 8, 2013

Getting Acquainted with the Lorax

  Since watching The Lorax on Netflix the other day, I've been constantly singing songs about Thneedville. I thought the  movie was a lot of fun, complete with full animated musical numbers. But besides that, the theme of the movie is something I've been thinking about. I've always been a little...okay, very skeptical of environmentalists. They just always seemed so indignant about every little thing, and I wondered why they weren't more worried about all the suffering humans than all the suffering trees.

   For the record, I still believe we need to keep a balance between our concern for the planet and our concern for those of us on the planet. But that said, I'm a pagan, for Pete's sake. I can't get away with not even considering the environment. Eventually the contradiction inherent in that proposition pops up its annoying little head and yells, "Hey YOU! I'm herrree!"  A lot like the Lorax, now that I think about it.

   There's a lot for me to learn and I'm not going to try to learn it all overnight. I mean, I'm not a total failure. I think littering is abhorrent. But I'll be giving thought to issues as they come up. Starting with the fact that the typical paraffin candles I use in ritual cause indoor air pollution, a topic brought up in this recent post over at Letter from Hardscrabble Creek. I'm pretty partial to real candles, so soy or beeswax may be viable alternatives for me.

How has identifying as pagan affected your views on environmental activism?

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  1. It is very easy to make your own rolled beeswax candles. I am one of the enviro-geek types. In my case this does not mean that I ignore the suffering of humans in favor of running around the woods hugging trees. In my case it means that I do a lot of composting, recycling, careful consumerism, (tons of second hand and home made items), and I educate myself about issues like sustainable development, small scale farming and the fact that our planet has more than enough resources to feed every single person alive today - but this is not (yet) in common practice. Part of being an enviro-geek is considering the extinction of species - including our own:)


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